Examples of meaningful gratitude activities for kids, including M&M Gratitude Game and Sticky Notes Gratitude Wall.

It can be too easy at times to focus on the things that go wrong rather than the things that go right for us. And that can be especially difficult for still-developing brains. Practicing an attitude of gratitude is a skill that students can be taught. Focusing on the things we are grateful for in our lives can help enhance our mood. There is no better time than now to work on gratitude with your students as we head into the Thanksgiving season. Whether you are in the mood for a game, an activity, or a craft project, there is something for everyone on our list of meaningful gratitude activities for kids of all ages.

Gratitude Activities for Kids in Lower Grades

1. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) Title says Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt with a list of items to find.

Print out this fun, gratitude-focused scavenger hunt, then let your students loose to find things that speak to them!

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2. Thankful Turkey Craft

A turkey craft has several brightly colored photos that have things the student is grateful for written on them.

Encourage students to share what they’re thankful for with this adorable turkey craft made from construction paper.

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3. Pumpkin Pie Spinner

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A pretend pie says "I am thankful for" there is a slice taken out that spins to reveal different things the student is grateful for.

This gratitude craft looks so good you could practically eat it!

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4. Pickup Sticks: Gratitude Edition

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A piece of paper has color coded gratitude prompts that match up with colors of the pile of pickup sticks.

A simple yet fun variation on the classic game pickup sticks, students will select a stick and then find the corresponding gratitude prompt.

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5. A Turkey Puppet Show About Gratitude

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) puppets are made from brown cotton gloves. They are made to look like turkeys with feathers glued to four of the fingers.

Have your students create these adorable turkey puppets and then let them put on a puppet show expressing their gratitude for various things in their lives.

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6. Gratitude Alphabet

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A sheet has space for students to write something they are grateful for that begins with every letter of the alphabet.

This one will prove challenging since students will be tasked to come up with some unconventional words to express their gratitude.

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7. Gratitude Hopscotch

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A hopscotch board is drawn on the sidewalk with chalk.

Photo Source: https://www.cslchico.org/kosmic-kids-iam-hopscotch/

A way to practice gratitude while also getting in some physical fitness—yes, please!

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8. Thankful Turkey Coloring Page

Turkey coloring page.

This fun color-by-number gratitude activity for kids keeps little hands busy and little hearts grateful.

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9. Gratitude Garland

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A garland made of small squares with expressions of gratitude on them are strung together on a string and hung on a mantle.

The longer the garland, the more abundant the gratitude!

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10. Gratitude Reading

The cover of the book The Thankful Book is shown. Several cartoon children are sitting at a table.

Choose some gratitude-focused books to add to your classroom library, then let students choose which they want to read.

Buy it: The Thankful Book

11. Gratitude Sphere

A twine ball has burlap ornaments hanging from it with things written on them that students are thankful for.

If you love rustic decor, this is the gratitude project for you and your students. Grab a twine ball, some burlap, and some string to get started.

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12. Gratitude Drawing Prompts

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) Colored pencils line the bottom of the page. There are a number of gratitude based writing prompts listed.

Have your students complete a different gratitude-based drawing prompt each day.

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13. Thankful Turkey Wreath

Thankful turkey wreath with colored paper -- Gratitude Activities for Kids

This colorful Thanksgiving wreath is the perfect craft for reminding kids about the importance of being grateful for everything we have.

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14. Thankfulness Chain

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) Construction paper loops are glued together to form a long chain. Strips of paper are in a basket beside the chains.

We love that all you need to do this project is some construction paper and markers. We also love the nostalgia of making paper chains leading up to holidays.

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15. Thanksgiving Gratitude Game

Thanksgiving gratitude game with m'n'ms

Ask students to list all of the things they are thankful for with this free, cute, and simple printable.

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16. Gratitude Tree

(Gratitude Activities for Kids) A construction paper tree has leaves on it that have things students are grateful for on them.

This lovely gratitude tree is easy to make and gives everyone an opportunity to think about being thankful every day.

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17. Gratitude Flowers

Gratitude flower with colored paper.

Have students grow a garden of positivity and thankfulness with these beautiful gratitude flowers.

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18. Gratitude Stones

Stones with hearts painted on them -- Gratitude Activities for Kids

This is one of the simplest gratitude activities for kids. Ask them to gather some stones and then paint hearts or thankful words on them. They can then take them home and distribute them around the neighborhood!

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19. Thank an Essential Worker

Blank coloring pages with space to write thank you's.

We should be grateful for our essential workers now more than ever. These adorable coloring pages are free to download and print.

Gratitude Activities for Kids in Upper Grades

20. Gratitude Wall

A wall with post its is shown. The notes contain things the students are grateful for.

Ask kids to think of one simple thing they are thankful for each night. Then, have them write it on a piece of paper or index card to hang on the wall. You can even have them build a wall at home too!

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21. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal prompts for kids.

Help kids make gratitude a habit with mindful journaling at the end of every day. They can use these free printables and write about any of the prompts included!

22. Gratitude Mobiles

Several mobiles are shown with beads and charms hanging from them including words of gratefulness.

These mobiles are so pretty and unique. Students will enjoy personalizing them with their favorite charms while also including notes of gratitude.

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23. Roll the Dice Gratitude Game

A board has gratitude prompts for each roll of a dice.

This is a fun way for students to express gratitude, and all you’ll need is a printable and some dice!

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24. Gratitude Letter/Email

Encourage your students to draft a letter or email of gratitude. This powerful exercise involves kids personally thanking someone for being in their lives. A handwritten letter might feel more meaningful, but a heartfelt email comes close! You may want to set a minimum word count to encourage them to think and dig deeper.

25. Clothespin Gratitude Wreath

A wreath is made of clothespins with things students are grateful for written on it.

We love this fun, collaborative craft since supplies are minimal but the effect is big!

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26. A Jar Full of Thanks

A child sits in a chair beside a highly decorated jar writing on a strip of paper.

This will work for any age group. Have students use a variety of materials to personalize their jars, then have them write something they are grateful for each day and put it inside their jar.

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27. Gratitude Collage/Vision Board

Students can look through magazines or take their own pictures to create a collage or vision board of things that make them feel thankful.

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28. Thankful Nature Walk

Encourage students to take a nature walk to appreciate all of the beautiful and amazing things around us that we often take for granted. Take it a step further and have them journal about their experience.

29. Gratitude Pumpkin

A pumpkin is made from strips of construction paper. The strips say "I am thankful for"

These adorable pumpkins will be a breeze for older kids to construct. Plus they will look cute on their desks!

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30. Gratitude Conversation Starters

This is the perfect activity for children of all ages since you can cater the conversation starters to the age of the students. This would make for a great activity for students to do with their families around the dinner table as well!

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31. Watercolor Gratitude Project

A spiral watercolor project is made with watercolors and there is writing in the spirals that includes what students are grateful for.

This might just be the prettiest gratitude project on this list. Get your watercolors and Sharpies ready and then have your students get to work.

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What are your favorite gratitude activities for kids? Share in the comments below!

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