AMAZING! Have I Lived Before? How to Get a Past Life Reading & Find Out

Are our souls truly eternal? Do we REALLY have many lives and many adventures? Or said very simply… have you lived before? While the topic of past lives is always one that generates tons of controversy, opinion and often angry debate, many scientists, researchers and even religious theologians who have dedicated their lives to the study of the “soul” believe that we do in fact have SOME element of our personality and identity that is timeless, and does in fact continue to live, and LEARN from one lifetime to the next.

Okay… but what kind of research really supports this? Anyone serious?

Absolutely! There have been many books written about reincarnation, and the amazing stories of past lives lived by people who spontaneously remember facts, things and events they simply weren’t around to have experienced themselves. Eastern philosophy is firmly rooted in the idea that the soul lives many times in a quest for learning, development and advancement, and Western science is coming around to accept that it may be just be true, as crazy as it sounds.

Did you know, for example that there have been ACADEMIC and scientific books published on past lives and reincarnation… including some that have been written about extensively in major, peer reviewed scientific journals? It’s true… and Dr. Ian Stevenson’s magnum opus “20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” was reviewed in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, and even the famous skeptic and world famous astronomer Carl Sagan publicly admitted his fascination at many of the seemingly impossible to explain stories that Stevenson’s work uncovered. (including many inexplicable cases of children who spoke languages they never heard, played musical instruments proficiently they never learned and spoke in rich detail about lives (and deaths) many thousands of miles away they never could have been exposed to)

Getting Your Own Past Life Regression Done

The best way for average people is simply calling a past life psychic! I’ve had it done numerous times, and it truly is a life changing experience. You can also, of of course, make an appointment to see a past life regression hypnotherapist, but this is much more expensive, much more elaborate and often much more difficult to find, depending on where you live and who you know.

The bottom line is this…

A past life reading is a PROVEN way to face and overcome many obstacles in your life, almost instantly… EVEN if you don’t believe in them to begin with. Many people have overcome phobias, reconciled relationships and simply figured out FINALLY their true life’s purpose simply re-living a past life that held the key to many of their present problems. Truly amazing, truly very cool… and truly an incredible opportunity to have a life changing experience you’ll never forget!

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