A client told us that even after he followed the advice of a
very respected astrologer and a well known psychic, the
date they chose for him to officially begin his business didn’t
result in success. He said he never saw the success they
foretold and sold the business two years later.

Along with his personal numerology charts representing
challenging timing, the date and times of his business’s official
beginning happened to be during a Moon Void of Course (VOC).
The Wall Street Journal published an article years ago about
business incorporated under Moon VOC and, astonishingly, the
majority of them never lasted more than a few years. Failure
was the common thread.

Unfortunately, many seasoned astrologers overlook this
extremely important astrological aspect.

The client’s business didn’t fail because of the Moon VOC,
it never reached the expectations prophesized because it was
most likely his fate to go through that challenging experience.
The Moon VOC at the start of his business simply represented
what was destined.

Below is information about Moon VOC to help you gain an
edge in any area of life.

Please note: We strongly recommend that you avoid
relying on only one or a few astrological or numerological
considerations, as a comprehensive approach involving
patterns of considerations is necessary for consistent
levels of accuracy in delineation and prediction.

However, since the Moon Void of Course is an
important affliction, you will benefit greatly even if it’s
the only astrological information you follow, as long as
you realize that there are many other astrological and
numerological indicators to keep in mind.

Moon Void of Course Report

Following the Moon Void of Course cycles is easy and can
save you time and money, yet few people are aware of
this phenomenon and even many experienced astrologers
overlook it. Since the moon is intimately connected to our
intuition and instincts, following Moon VOC will help you
make better choices in life. It’s been said that VOC is like
driving through a tunnel where your antenna is unable to
pick up the radio signals, or like being in a temporary
vacuum, where perception is distorted.

Moon Void of Course introduction:

The following introduction about Moon VOC is extracted from
pages 245-246 of “Your Love Life and Reincarnation” by
Stephen Petullo.

The Moon travels around the earth in about 28 days,
spending about two and a half days in each of the 12
zodiac signs. After the Moon leaves a sign and before
it enters the next sign, it is called Void of Course. The
Moon rules instinct and intuition. When the Moon is
VOC, the energy flow available to all living things
seems to slow down and our intuition is temporarily
clouded. During a VOC it’s easy to be unrealistic or to
perceive things differently than they really are. During
this time people tend to feel scattered and unfocused.
Time seems to drag on forever.

Knowing when the moon is Void of Course by checking the
times in an astrological calendar can save you a lot of time,
money, and effort. Follow them for a couple weeks, then
don’t look at the calendar for a few days, then look back
at those times later. You’ll find that even when you
didn’t consciously know it was a VOC, things were still
typical of a VOC. Moon VOC seem to affect everyone. Moon VOC
can last from as little as 10 minutes to as long as two days.
Moon VOC comprise, on average, about eight percent of the
standard eight-to-five work week. Of course, it’s not always
possible to schedule around these times, but it helps to be
aware of the difficulties you may encounter.

During a Moon Void of Course, DO:

o Routine work.

o Meditate–this is a great time to go inward. You’ll be even
more centered after the VOC.

o Break bad habits–if you can refrain during a VOC, it will be
easier to do so afterward.

o Creative hobbies.

o Routine cleaning.

o Exercise.

o Relax.

During a Moon Void of Course, DON’T:

o Make important plans–they’ll never happen or will happen
differently than expected.

o Brainstorm–new ideas never manifest or will backfire.

o Start anything new–things initiated are never finished or
take much longer than expected to complete. New
acquaintances made are short-lived. If you meet someone
during a VOC, the interaction will not be meaningless, but
probably different than you expected.

o Buy anything of importance–purchases made will never be
used, will break down, or will have to be returned for unforeseen

o Do anything that requires a lot of concentration–it will
require a lot more of your energy. If you have no choice,
meditate beforehand so you’ll be as centered as possible.

o Schedule appointments: they will have to be changed or
rescheduled–or you may get “stood up!”

People who were born during a VOC may not be as affected or
may be affected differently. Follow the cycles and observe
for yourself.

More about Moon Void of Course:

We have observed and experimented with Moon VOC since
the early 1990s. Below is some additional insight based on
our experience:

oWe are always surprised when we talk with seasoned
astrologer friends who ignore Moon VOC. To make any
forecasting and planning advice from astrologers more
valuable, such as when to begin something important,
make sure you factor in Moon VOC. For example, if your
advisor tells you to start a business on a certain day, make
sure there isn’t a VOC when you plan to initiate things.

oIf you want to view the VOC phenomenon more clearly
and test to see how accurate our claims are, observe other
people’s actions during VOC. Without telling them about VOC,
notice what they purchase, decisions they make, people
they meet, plans they make, and things they start under a VOC.
This is exactly the type of objective empirical research we’ve
had success with.

oRoutine purchases during a VOC, such as weekly purchases
at the grocery store, seem to be fine.

oWhen you meet someone new during a VOC, even if you
realize it’s a VOC, your judgment about who they are will usually
be off, and sometimes way off.

oPerception of reality is skewed during a VOC.

oFears you have during a VOC often turn out to be unfounded.

oSunburn, over-eating, over-drinking, and over-spending are

oDreams, especially fearful ones, seem to have no real
significance relating to our lives during VOC. For example,
if your dream during a VOC featured signs that a friend is in
danger, chances are that he or she is not.

oWe still test Moon VOC occasionally. For example, if we
meet someone new during a VOC, we temporarily ignore the
VOC, allow events to unfold naturally, and observe what
happens. But we find that almost always VOC situations will
yield VOC results, even when we didn’t realize it was a VOC.

Moon Void of Course examples:

You meet a new friend during a VOC. Even though you realize
it’s a VOC, there seems to be nothing wrong with the connection
and you can see a lot of potential between the two of you.
After the VOC, you attempt to get together several times but
your schedules never match and then a few weeks later your
new friend tells you she’s moving out of town.

In meditation during a VOC you get a great new idea for
your business. After attempting to implement it several
times, it just never works out and you realize that it may
not be as good of an idea as you had originally thought.

During a VOC you consider certain physical symptoms you’ve
had recently and fear that you could have a serious illness.
After a thorough check-up and tests with your doctor, you
realize that your fears were unfounded; it was merely stress
and a reaction to something you were eating.

During a VOC you eat dinner at a restaurant and order
something you usually don’t. Though it seemed like
a good idea at the time, you experience indigestion.

During a VOC you decide to get your hair cut in a new style.
Later you realize it doesn’t look as good as you thought it

You get dressed in the morning during a VOC and realize
later what seemed like a great fashion choice was actually
a fashion crime.

The power goes out during a VOC after a major storm and
you’re worried it could last for days. The power goes back
on hour later.

Attempting to work around a Moon Void of Course:
If you decide during a non-void time to purchase a new
sweater, for example, and then realize the time on the day
you had planned to buy a sweater is during a VOC, changing
the purchase day or time may not fix the problem of an
ill-fated purchase. Even if you attempt to purchase the
sweater on a different day, they will not have your size or
the right color, it will turn out to be poorly made, you will
lose it, or some other unknown factor will cause you to
realize it was not in your best interest to purchase the

On the other hand, if you follow Moon VOC and would like to
schedule an important meeting, for example, simply chose a
time and day that’s good for you and VOC-free. However,
if someone you’re meeting for the important meeting wants
to (unknowingly) schedule during a Moon Void of Course
time, consider what this could mean: the meeting isn’t for
your or their highest good, it will have to be rescheduled,
or it will be unproductive and/or turn out differently than

Moon Void Information Sources:

Many astrological calendars feature easy to follow moon
void of course information. The American Federation of
Astrologers is one source for accurate astrological information.
They sell calendars that provide the exact days and times for
moon Void of Course, retrogrades, and other astrological
information. Other astrological calendars are
available in metaphysical bookstores and online. Many
astrological software programs also list Moon Void of
Course, and other astrological information.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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