In the evolving world of science and technology, one of the important criteria is to be able to express scientific findings to the world. This has become an accepted practice for many centuries by publishing scientific findings in a science journal or in an appropriate technical publication. In essence, the scientist’s research paper will need to have a clear abstract, an explanation of the methodology used and it will also need to have clear scientific calculations that are depicting important results. In the end, clear set of references has to be provided to show the reader where that particular scientific work has originated from. It is only the publication of a scientific paper that can signify the work of a scientist and put that scientist ahead in the scientific community.

The problem is the fact that most science journals and other similar technical publications have become immensely saturated with scientific papers. This has caused many of these scientific journals to ask for extravagant amounts of money when it comes to publishing a scientific paper. This can especially create difficulty for a young scientist or a researcher who is looking for a way to publish his or her work without any financial assistance. While many senior scientists can enjoy financial assistance from their institutions, the same will not be the case with a young scientist.

However, with the advancements in the internet, it has become more possible to publish your scientific papers. With digital open publishing systems, now it is possible to publish your findings in an online science journal. Unlike classic scientific journals, online journals are usually created with an open access policy, so that anyone can read about the scientist’s work without the need for a paid subscription. This is also an important advantage over classic scientific journals, as readers do not need to pay large amounts to subscribe to a particular science journal. Hence, the work of the scientist can be distributed to the whole world without any problems along the way.

Thus, as a result, many young scientists have created open access scientific journals to publish their work as well as the work of their peers. Moreover, many newly starting universities have also opted for this option, as it allows them to start their university’s own online scientific journals without worrying about huge costs of starting a science journal. Of course, it is essential that your online science journal or your technical periodic publication is created by a professional in order to get the best results. In addition, there are many digital open publishing solutions that allow for the creation of an online science journal in a matter of hours.

The main thing for deploying your journal is a good web hosting, support for Java scripts as well as some knowledge with using control panels of various software. Of course, needless to say, an online science journal will need to have a good staff of technical editors and peer reviewers who will filter out the scientific papers that are being submitted to the online science journal. In any case, it is the quality of the papers present in the journal which will determine its longevity. Hence, even though it is possible to create your own science journal in a matter of hours, you should invest the time and the effort for getting a good scientific team that can support the journal editing process. You should also be very stringent with the procedures to ensure quality review of all the submitted papers. With this method, it can be possible for teachers and even high schools to start their own science journals. Hence, the whole world can benefit, as science and technology will continue to prosper.

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