Climate Change, Global Warming, Impending Doom – Sure And Do You Remember Y2K?

Did you notice that the IPCC changed the name of Global Warming to Climate Change? Ever wonder why? Simple, because Global Warming by definition asserted that mankind’s greenhouse gases were the cause of the planet heating up. Only one problem, the planet stopped heating up for 16-years, and greenhouse gases drastically increased, whoops? Further all the projections of the globe heating up fell short of the doom and gloom climate modeling. Oh no, now what?

Now then, there was an interesting article in the New York Times on November 12, 2014 titled; “Wobbling on Climate Change,” in the Op-Ed section by Piers J. Seller

When I read this I thought to myself, “Really?” I mean “What a pathetic article,” I thought. You see, yes, we need Climate Science but with such a large complex system, why on Earth do these scientists deny mathematically proven attributes of Chaos Theory and try to convince us that their Climate Science Super Computer Modeling is accurate, Bull, it’s not. Either they know they are lying or they deny their own pillars, and strong shoulders of dead white men.

Why is everyone so enamored by the brain-washing of the masses, turning CO2 (a trace gas) into a demon of our species’ future? Hell, there is nothing wrong with carbon, you are 17% made of it, it is an element, needed for life. It’s one of the things we look for when trying to find suitable other planets that might support life. Too funny all this religious dogma style attempt to justify the stealing of the energy sector diverting perhaps trillions of dollars to the pockets of the architects of this scheme. Want to debate me? You can’t because you will be using false data, manipulated science, and best guessing of a chaotic system which we already know to self-regulate in cycles, which it has been doing for 100s of millions of years.

Now then, may I ask: Who said the planet heating up is bad for life on Earth? Generally speaking warming periods are good for life, as it’s the ICE AGES we should be concerned about.

How much CO2 is the right amount, and who are we to say? CO2 is a trace gas right, it is not some horrible toxic thing. Sure too much CO2 causes problems for human breathing, but you really have to increase significantly to get there. Without CO2 there wouldn’t be humans on the planet, and without carbon, we’d certainly look different and have evolved differently here on this Pale Blue Dot.

At some point we need Science to come clean and political climate agendas to disappear otherwise we are liable to do something really stupid using group think. Please consider all this and think on it.

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