Other than getting a personal tutor, the best teaching resource for conversational Spanish is an interactive audio Spanish learning course. Most courses come with a number of learning resources such as flash cards, interactive computer games and vocabulary-building exercises.

Interactive audio learning courses are great conversational Spanish teaching resources. They are available in either hard copy (on CD’s and with printed books) or in digital format which can be downloaded 24/7 from the Internet.

The downloadable form can be bought online, downloaded immediately and can be used at once, a few minutes after purchase.

There are many advantages to these types of conversational Spanish teaching resources. They are highly portable, they can be studied anywhere, you control your own learning speed, learn the accent, rhythm and meter of speaking from excellent native speakers.

In addition, you own the tools, the course. You can review, brush up on your Spanish and refresh your memory at any time.

The first tier of conversational Spanish teaching resourses consists of industry-leading courses generally recognized to be the best. Included in this first tier are Rocket Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, Fsi Spanish, Pimsleur Spanish and Rosetta Stone Spanish. The first three of these are mostly conversational Spanish.

Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone have conversational Spanish aspects but are more oriented toward teaching the grammar and vocabulary of formal Spanish.

Almost all have a downloadable version in the $100 to $200 price range and a hard copy version in the $250 to $550 price range.

The second tier of conversational Spanish teaching resourses are aimed at teaching basic conversational Spanish as fast as possible. Examples include Synergy Spanish and Surefire Spanish, both good courses that are downloadable for under $40, and Learn How to Speak Spanish and Spanish Language Speed Learning Course, both available for under $20.

First tier learning programs should give you vocabulary and conversational abilities of 6th to 9th grade students in Spanish. Second tier will give you basic conversational abilities and advanced travelers’ Spanish.

Whichever route you choose or whichever conversational Spanish teaching resourse you select, the important thing is to get started. With 41 million Hispanics in the U.S., 17 million of whom either don’t speak English very well or don’t speak it a all, Spanish is the second language of preference to learn.

You can always get a low cost fast-learner course to start, finish that and then see if you want to go on to one of the larger, more complete courses.

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