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COVID vaccines for kids under 5 change things for child care providers

APPLETON – That some of the youngest Wisconsinites can now be vaccinated against COVID-19 signals a change for child care providers, with many hoping it will ensure fewer COVID-exposures leading to program closures.

“For many families this is a very exciting time because it allows them to finally let their children be vaccinated and hopefully allow them to move toward the new normal that many of us in that older population have,” said Dr. Sarah Campbell, a pediatrician with Ascension Medical Group Wisconsin who cares for patients in Appleton. 

Yet, this excitement also brings uncertainty for many child care and early education providers and the parents who rely on them.

In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended children as young as 6 months be vaccinated against COVID-19, and shortly after the Wisconsin Department of Health Services followed suit. However, there has been little updated guidance specific to the newly approved vaccines as they relate to child care and early education settings.