Utilizing the considerable contribution from twenty-three eminent Physicists, adept in their particular field, and together with one hundred eighteen bibliographic gems, Gordon Frasier brings the world up-to-date concerning advances and theory championed by experts working in the multiple physics departments.

With considerable research to his credit and employing contribution from twenty-three other physicists, eminent in particular fields, and together with one hundred eighteen bibliographic gems, the author brings the science world up-to-date concerning advances and theory from experts working in the several physics departments. These leading physicists explore the modern science frontier: evaluating the standard atom model, particles, forces, stars, and satellites. This knowledge assembly emanates from scientists in multiple disciplines and is rather technical for the layperson. At the same time, one cannot help but garner a modicum of insight by exploring these 526 pages of selective indoctrinations.

Fraser gently eases the reader into difficult science mysteries, easily quantized into logical measures and qualities at the first, from the microscopic to macroscopic. Here, we discover the transmutation of particles into recognizable mass and vice versa; where, neutrinos are theorized at a very minute portion of electron mass — experimentally proven to transform into other neutrino bodies — even into photon, lepton, and baryonic character.

In total, The New Physics encompasses a scope too broad for wide address in critique; also, much is left hanging in mysterious presentation. We offer an example, concerning supersymmetry: “Supersymmetry is the name physicists have given to a possible new symmetry of Nature, hitherto unobserved, that underlies one of the most audacious efforts to build a theory more comprehensive than the Standard Model.” Surely, we can agree with supersymmetry eventuality; however, the author’s theory advances into more fundamental quantities as the basis for supersymmetry. This above quote is only one example of the theoretic approach serving to explain physics and the Standard Model. A new paper on the ultimate energy basis is forthcoming; wherein, the ultimate, micron particle will demonstrate a sufficiency for perpetual energy employment.

Fermi reportedly said: “Physics is what physicists do late at night.” And as physicists slowly resolve theory with experiment, we will increasingly find new prophetic intuitions penned in books such as The New Physics and resolved in future experiment. Only the seasoned physicist and intrepid logo-phile dare read this book in its entirety; but for the patient, the curious, it will open to avenues scarcely traveled before. The secret to atoms, to molecules, to life, to mechanics, even to life origins, rests in the physics surrounding fundamental particles origins, utility, and transmutation.

This book is recommended for those with an abiding interest in physics, metaphysics, and especially particle science.

While physics has its mysteries, so does metaphysics present almost the same puzzling backwash of unanswered questions flowing from the strokes of mystic writings, closed to common people, and reserved until the answers appear too late for benefit. Now, the bottom line is available for those with the need to know. The necessary research has been accomplished and awaits your critique.

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