Data science is the study of various aspects of data and digging out meaningful insights from the data relating to the trends and behavior in order to strengthen the decision support systems. It facilitates businesses by interpreting the data to make informed decisions. A data scientist is a professional that carries out the activities of data science. As per the Harvard university’s comment, it is the highest demanding profession today.

Current scenario of data science field

Due to the expertise of data science in extracting meaningful information from tons of data, the profession of data scientist is required in millions. It is also considered as the highest paying job. This need for data scientists will keep on increasing as the data being collected does not have any boundaries.

Currently, there are 1.4 lakh job vacancies available for data scientists. By 2021 there will be the necessity of 2.3 lakh data scientists. So that makes an increase in the demand for these professionals by 417%. Glassdoor has also ranked it as the best job to pursue.

What do the data science training courses offer?

The training course covers the complete lifecycle concepts starting from data collection, data cleansing, data extraction, data exploration, feature engineering data mining, and integration, predictive analysis, visualization and finally deployment of the solution.

Various tools and skills required for effective data analysis are covered in depth. Some of the skills are natural language processing, text mining, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and hypothesis testing. Tools and languages covered in details are R studio, tableau, Minitab, XLMiner, Hadoop, spark, R programming, and python.

Some of the training institutes also provide placement after the completion of the course in various renowned companies.

Why choose the training course in data science?

A course will help you get placed in brand companies with ease. There are various options for pursuing the course that will not interrupt your daily routine. You can opt for classroom training, e-learning with recorded sessions or instructor-guided online sessions. You can also use a combination of these methodologies as well.

Expert assistance is given for your live projects. All your doubts are cleared on a timely basis. Industry related training is provided. You can replay the recorded sessions as at when needed.

For whom is the data science training suitable?

If you are confused to go further with your training, thinking that is this is your cup of cake then read on to understand for whom this course is compatible.

It is for the professionals who have analytical, mathematical and logical skills. Experienced professionals having any of these skills can switch to data science professions for earning in big figures. People who have an interest in data warehousing, reporting tools, programming, and business intelligence can opt for the training.

The value of analysis of historical data for improving the business is recognized very well these days. Hence, the career path is becoming long and lucrative.

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