Popular Reseller Hosting Services Myth to Debunk

Of the total share of the web hosting market, 13.6% is occupied by Reseller Web Hosting. This percentage is still very small for such a large and growing industry, but it also shows the immense potential for growth and opportunity in establishing a reselling business. 

So why stay back?

But before you start negotiating with your next web hosting provider about web hosting plans, let us first debunk some of the myths that the reseller hosting industry carries for better-informed decisions about your reseller web hosting business. 

Debunking Some Myths about Hosting Reseller Business

  1. Having a Reseller Hosting Account is a Complex Process

Starting your web hosting business from scratch can be complex as well as risky, especially if you lack the technical expertise needed.

However, starting a website hosting reseller business is not as risky as the responsibility of purchasing equipment – Getting the whole server infrastructure built entirely depends on the shoulders of web hosting providers.

All you need to do is rent a server or part of a server, plan the web hosting packages and prices, and sell the server resources to your customer. Your profit will depend upon the difference in charges at which you sell your web hosting plan.

  1. You Can’t Sell Hosting Services Under Your Own Brand

The second biggest myth is that you can’t sell hosting services under your brand name, as most people or businesses prefer doing business directly with the hosting provider, which can reduce the chances of gaining customers. 

However, this is not true, as web-hosting providers permit reselling their hosting services under white-label features. This feature allows resellers to rebrand the hosting service under their brand name.

  1. No Technical Knowledge is Required

While you don’t need to be an expert or have a wealth of technical expertise – although it does help, when running a seller business, you do need at least basic knowledge about hosting services. 

This includes knowledge about the type of server to be installed, configuration knowledge, and at least the basic RAM needed that your hosting provider provides.

  1. It is a  Non-Competitive Industry

According to estimates, the web hosting industry is going to grow to 171.4 billion by 2027, and this number in itself shows how big and competitive the web hosting industry is and is on the verge of becoming.

All online businesses need web hosting services to create and maintain an online presence in today’s world. Hence, you will face some stiff competition if you choose to enter the world of reseller web hosting.

  1. Providing Customer Support Can Be Hard.

Of course, as a reseller web hosting provider, you have to provide technical support to your clients, but you don’t have to stress about it, as your hosting provider takes care of all that. 

Your hosting provider has a fully qualified support team ready to tackle server setups, updates, reboots, and more. So, make sure you get a hosting provider that offers reliable technical support for your reseller hosting business. 


Now that we have debunked these common myths about reseller hosting, you are all set to become a reseller host! Though you don’t need to be a tech genius, knowing your way around your products is essential to running a successful website hosting reseller business.

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