Usually people write about books, magazines and newspapers, but I am taking a different step here and I am going to write about something related to those but not exactly those things. This article is about authors, writers and artists, who help to change lives for the better. And then it is about other authors who give a positive spin to the world and everything in it. So here goes, hold on tight while I list some authors and tell you what their areas of expertise are.

Not necessarily in order of importance, some of my favorite authors are:

  • Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. This author writes inspirational books and books about positive thinking and no-limit people. You can choose any of his many books and come away with a great idea or even a change of lifestlyle. Try The Skys The Limit , and or The Erroneous Zone’
  • Suze Ormann. This author seems to be a financial and money expert. Her books are about getting out of debt, about saving money, buying house and preparing yourself for life, about retirement, and about other life events and their relation to money, and humans.
  • Robert Schuller. Another positive thinker, this author puts a positive spin on so many things in life. Are you down? This is the author to look up.
  • Napoleon Hill. Books about advancement, business, finances, money and related topics. How to make it rich? Check out Napoleon Hill.
  • God. Yes, I believe that God is the greatest author alive and the greatest author in history.

So, that is a beginning, the best and first list of great authors. There are many other good authors for specific topics, such as John Hedgecoe for any books on photography and photojournalism, and Miguel Ruiz for books about life and spirituality. The good book list is miles long and way to long to print here, but those are a good start for anyone looking for inspiration and instruction on important topics in life.


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