Federal Gov should pay for undocumented children’s education, not Texas

ByAlyssa R. Elliott

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Governor Abbott says the State of Texas should not pay for undocumented children’s education, but instead it should be the Federal Government.

Abbott saying he wants to revisit the Supreme Court Case “Plyer V. Doe” on Wednesday during a radio program called “The Joe Pags Show.” Abbott speaking more to reporters about his comments at a campaign event on Thursday.

“Plyer V. Doe” was passed back in 1982, which guaranteed that public schools would educate all students regardless of their citizenship status.

One mother of an El Paso Student says she is undocumented and was able to go to school in El Paso.

“I don’t have social security and I grew up here in El Paso and I graduated from Austin High School. And it’s a lot of opportunities for us,” the woman said.

The El Paso Independent School District confirmed to KTSM that under federal law the district is not allowed to ask for citizenship status of students.

Another El Paso mother says she worries if the Federal Government is paying for undocumented children, then schools would have to ask students about citizenship status.

“I just believe for them to ask a child for proof is, you can’t hold the child accountable, there are children who were (brought) here at age of two, three, maybe less and you’re asking them if they are citizens. For them they are, this is all they’ve ever known,” said Sara Irizarry.

Irizarry says she has a family member who is undocumented, trying to become a citizen, explaining why they came to the U.S.

“The reason she came is because she has a child who has down syndrome and over here the health system is better, they have more opportunities, more therapies,” said Irizarry.

Governor Greg Abbott’s reason for saying it should be the federal government paying for undocumented children is because Title 42 will soon be ending.

Abbott said, President Joe Biden’s Administration ending title 42 also known as “Remain in Mexico” will cause an influx of immigrants coming across the border.

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