Zoology is a program you can take as an undergraduate course or as a graduate course that focuses on studying the evolution, behavior and function of all animals. There are few schools in the United States offering Zoology as an undergraduate course. Most of the time students need to take a biological science course for their undergraduate years and take up Zoology as a graduate program.

1. Michigan State University is one of the best colleges for zoology in the United States. MSU has a program that can give the students the solid foundation they need for learning more about the life of the animals. The program lets students learn more about how diverse the lives of the animals in the world are, when the students graduate, they can choose a particular field to specialize. They can also enroll for graduate programs.

2. University of Hawaii is also one of the best colleges for zoology in the United States. This school is situated in Manoa. This institution offers students the rare field exposure which other students in other schools for zoology cannot give. Hawaii is a good place where you can study this course because of its rich natural resources. You can learn about different animals on their actual habitats. This field exposure helps in giving the zoology graduates of the University of Hawaii an interesting feature in their resumes.

3. University of Wisconsin is another institution known as one of the best colleges for zoology in the United States. UW offers biology as an undergraduate course for freshman students. Their program focuses mainly on the genetic make up, ecology and behavior of different animals. The students also study several aspects of Biology. The school also prepares the students for Zoology graduate programs.

4. University of Washington is another educational institution popular as one of the best colleges for zoology. The zoology program they have is renowned all over the world. It is associated closely with the Biology program. The program offers an interdisciplinary method that lets the students get exposure in different files of zoology. The students also learn a lot from doing several projects.

5. Cornell University is another school offering a zoology program for undergraduate students. Cornell has divided this program into different specialties. They usually admit students who have a particular interest in morphological science for vertebrates. The graduate program for zoology in Cornell is associated with genetics and molecular biology.

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