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Recover and Rediscover

Another school year comes to a close. School administrators and teachers look forward to the summer months. It is a time to unwind and try to get some personal things done. Let’s look at the summer months a little differently. Look at it as a time to recover and rediscover yourself.

 Recovery and rediscovery are just another part of becoming a healthier educator and human being. As teachers or administrators, you know that time is a luxury. There is never enough of it! For example, you have probably made statements like these. “ I can’t get anything done!.” Or you have said, “I’m so busy that I don’t have time for myself!.” Then there is the statement, “ I wish there were more hours in the day..” Before you know it, you are unhappy, overwhelmed, and stressed by everyday life and work issues. 

Self-care and Wellness

We want to encourage educators to focus on self-care, healing, and wellness. Self-care requires personal reflection, too. It can lead to physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Once some healing takes place, you can reboot your life in a new and healthier direction. Next, it is time for you to recover what’s left of you. Then, there is room to rediscover self. Please note that self-care is not the only way to heal or recover. Sometimes, you may need additional support or assistance by seeking professional counseling.

Both recovery and rediscovery take time. A new and healthier you will not happen in a few days or months. It is a process, not an event. . Think of how much time it took to become unhealthy. So becoming healthy again takes time and having a plan. Here are some tips to get you started on recovering and rediscovering yourself.

In order to recover and rediscover, you must work on yourself, by yourself, and for yourself.

Recognize Your Struggles

Many of us want to be strong and invincible. We are afraid to admit our weaknesses or failures. This is especially true in the workplace. Neither teachers nor school administrators want to admit to a supervisor that they do not have the physical or emotional bandwidth to complete a task or handle a specific situation. It is also difficult to admit that in our personal lives it’s difficult to be all things to everyone. Always remember that you are human! You have strengths and weaknesses. Guess what? It’s normal and you should not beat up yourself for being an ordinary person. Recognize your areas of struggle and feel comfortable informing others. 

Do What You Want

Do what you want to do. Step back for a minute. Maybe step back for a few more minutes. Think about what would really make you happy. Yes, you’re an adult with plenty of responsibilities. Perhaps you have children, a spouse, or aging parents. But where do you fit in this equation? When do you matter?

Moreover, how do all of the responsibilities make you feel? You’ve lost sight of yourself. You can’t be everything to everyone. Learn to say, “NO!” It’s time to do you! 

Limit Distractions

Limit distractions in your life. Yes, there are always distractions that take up your time, too. For example, how often are you reading emails, sending text messages, or checking your social media accounts? As an experiment, make a note each time you check emails or social media. You will be amazed how the minutes add up. Unless it’s an emergency, responding to text messages can wait. Set aside a specific time in the day to respond to emails or indulge in social media. Also, look at your daily schedule for tasks you can delegate to others. Hand it over! Just tell the person it’s a part of your recovery and rediscovery. Move the distractions out of your way.

Set Goals

Set goals for yourself. Write a wishlist of things you would like to do. Then prioritize the list. What is most important to you? Furthermore, what will make you happiest? Create a schedule of free time. Then, stick to the plan! Fill your free time with a hobby, movie, exercise, etc. Most of all, don’t let others hijack your free time. It’s your road to recovery and rediscovery. Remember, it’s time to do you! Spend time with yourself.

Learn to Rest

Lastly, learn to rest. Your mind and body cannot be on ten all of the time. Eventually, a part of you will break down. Then the time it takes to recover and rediscover yourself will take longer. If you step back for a moment to assess your life, you’ll discover things you didn’t know. Also, you may find some things that you don’t like about yourself. Make that list of things you want to do or accomplish in your life. Accomplish your goals by giving up distractions and delegating what you can. Schedule your free time and have fun. Learn to say no to people who usurp your time. Afterward, you will be on your way to a full recovery and rediscovery of yourself.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, a small commission may be paid. 

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