When I was a psychology major in college I had big dreams of getting my Masters and PhD and eventually opening my own practice. It is now three kids later and I am ready to begin studying to get an Online Psychology Masters Degree. Somehow that goal got away from me but now with colleges and universities offering online degree programs I am back in the game and ready to go after my Psychology Masters. Before I did not have the option of earning a degree online but things have changed.

I have found that there are numerous distance learning Psychology Masters Degree programs available and I want to be certain that the one I choose is accredited and well respected. People used to think going to school online was just a waste of time and that no one would ever get hired with an online degree but now many well respected colleges and universities are offering an online degree option because they realize the benefit of having students study from home. Distance learning is really making a name for itself.

If I go to school full time I can earn my Masters Degree in Psychology in approximately 2 years. If I only work on it part time it will take me a bit longer. There will most likely be some portion of the course work that will require me to work in a clinical setting. Because I am aware of the fact that online degrees are available I am quite sure that there is a way to work that out when the time comes. So far the research that I have done on schools with online programs impresses me. There are even ivy league schools with distance learning programs.

Part of deciding which school to attend for my Online Psychology Masters Degree also has a lot to do with the program itself. I want my program to focus on Child Psychology so the course selection will have to offer numerous classes with that concentration. It is important for anyone considering an online program to be sure that the course selection meets their needs and goals. The education itself is equally as important as the degree. This is especially true when it comes to the field of Psychology. My Master’s is going to give me all of the knowledge that I need to move on to my Doctorate,

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