First make paper mache paste. It is a very simple and easy to make. The three things you need are paste, water and newspaper, a bowl and a paintbrush. This is how to make paper mache. Next mix the paste with the water in the bowl at the ratio of two water to one paste . Now you have created your own paper mache paste.

How to make paper mache creatures

How to make paper mache creatures is quite simple. Simply you will use things that are inexpensive or free. Free things such as balloons, toilet paper rolls and cardboard will all do the trick. Tape these things together to make your creature

How to make paper mache come alive

After you have completed the how to make paper mache paste as well as the how to make paper mache creatures guide you can start to put them together. Take your brush and dip it into your paste solution and wipe a small amount on the area of the object you wish to start at. Than ripping off a small long piece of newspaper(15 cm by 2cm will do) put it on top of the area you pasted. After pasted down take your brush and wipe over top of the newspaper. Repeat this until the whole thing has been done once with as little overlap as possible. Place your creation somewhere dry and out of the way and let it dry. After 3 to 6 hours it should be dry. You can start back any time after that. Do another layer and repeat the process until you get a hard shell.

How to make your paper mache unique

After you have completed how to make paper mache come alive, grab some white paint. Paint the whole thing white and let it dry. After the white paint has dried, paint it with other colors, you can even add fun things like Google eyes. Display proudly in a dry place.

Your creation should last for several years until it gets wet or broken. Broken can be repaired. If its wet throw it out, you’ll get mold problems and it will smell terrible within a matter of days.

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