This past weekend during an interview with real estate billionaire, the interviewer (editor of Success magazine) asked what the few important action steps are that should be taken in order to position yourself for success within this changing global economy. The billionaire’s first answer was that everyone should learn Chinese. From there, he continued to discuss the importance of education, parenting, and avoidance of addictions that will hold you back in life.

As we know, parenting, education, and freedom from addictions have a profound affect on the measure of success in one’s life. But, to me, what was interesting was his ardent plea for every person to learn Chinese. As the billionaire discussed the prominence of China in the world today and projected future prominence based on current trends, it was clear to see the necessity of learning to speak Chinese for your success and the success of future generations.

Upon discussing the financial trouble and concerns for the European Union as well as for the United States, it was clear that China would play a major role in the future, both from a financial and resource perspective. Yet, in order to appropriately conduct business or any other type of transaction with China, one must first understand the language and culture.

Many automatically assume that learning Chinese is far beyond their capacity, but a brief introduction to the language with the right insight can truly help you determine how much Chinese will be necessary for your specific purpose. First realize that those who learn Chinese beyond the superficial level will have an advantage that is light years beyond those who only know a few simple phrases.

Second, do not negate the importance of these few vital phrases such as hello, goodbye, you’re welcome, and thank you in Chinese. Through learning these basic phrases well enough to repeat them with skill, you will impress your colleagues and business associates as you interact with Chinese professionals. This small effort on your part will go a long way to demonstrating respect for Chinese culture and language and your willingness to learn it, whether or not you are able to fluently communicate in the language.

Third, as mentioned before, those who truly know the language well enough to converse adeptly in the language will learn cues and cultural insight that will be invaluable in doing business in China. Because the learning curve for Chinese appears so great, there will be many who decide to merely learn a few essential phrases. For those who go on to proficiency in Chinese, you will be greatly rewarded by the progress you make in business and the insight you have that far surpasses the understanding of your competitors.

If, however, you will be learning Chinese for your job and are wondering whether or not Chinese will be that beneficial to your securing a position or your perceived value by management over the long term, let me encourage you with a few brief reminders.

  • There are currently more than one billion people in the world who speak Chinese.
  • In order to communicate with Chinese speakers, keep in mind that 90% will understand Mandarin Chinese since Mandarin became the official language of China in 1955.
  • The skill set that already possess with your previous success in business or on the job when combined with the ability to learn Chinese is what will set you apart from the millions who already speak the language, but do not possess your experience.
  • Since the Chinese market has been virtually untapped by foreign influences, it will be those who understand the language and culture who will best be able to reach this market.

Learning Chinese NOW will be a huge asset for yourself and your family in the future if you are the least bit interested in their success in a global economy! Although learning this language will take time, it is those who capture this opportunity TODAY that will be successful in the months and years to come!

Don’t wait to learn this new world language. Not only will you regret your decision, but you will see others pass you on the road as they travel toward success in their industry. Change your world today and affect your family history for generations by beginning your journey to learn the Chinese language today!

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