Title and Author: My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn

Synopsis of Content:

This is a compilation of the essentials from Jim Rohn’s books and talks spanning several decades. It was put together and published by Vic Johnson who also wrote the Forward. Johnson was a student of his work and has become an accomplished author, speaker and motivational expert in his own right.

The content of this little book is pure Jim Rohn. There is nothing new here, and he would have approved. He often said that when it came to the fundamentals there was never anything “new”.

The book covers many of Rohn’s choice stories. They include lessons he learned from his mentor as well as lessons he learned on his own. He celebrates the American Ladder of Success and discusses the unique opportunities available to anyone in America to build wealth.

There are chapters on productivity and performance, building the right personal philosophy for success, working with others, a review of the fundamentals, that is the age old principles of success that Rohn loved to teach, measuring success and ends with his six steps for leading an extraordinary life.

Vic Johnson is a great admirer of Rohn’s simple wisdom. He has cobbled the essentials of all of his work into this one small book. It is an excellent introduction to Jim Rohn’s work and leaves you wanting more. After reading this you will want to listen to his unforgettable talks on CD or read his books in detail. There are not many ways you can learn more about how success works.


Jim Rohn’s success formula is simple though for many it may not be easy. He insists you take full responsibility for your own success and failure. He teaches the value of constant self-improvement. He delivers simple lessons on how financially successful people lead their lives and how unsuccessful people lead their lives. He learned these lessons the hard way, progressing from a poor college dropout to a millionaire who spoke to millions of people worldwide. This book is very useful to anyone serious about self-improvement and building wealth.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This book is well written and easy to follow. It is organized well.

Notes on Author:

Vic Johnson who compiled this book is an internationally known motivational speaker and author. Jim Rohn was an internationally famous motivational speaker and author for over four decades who spoke to millions of people around the world about success, both financial and personal.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Continuing your education is vital to financial success. “A formal education gets you a job; but self-education is what makes you rich!”

2. You get rich not by wishing for it but by making yourself better and more valuable in the marketplace.

3. The philosophy that insures poverty: spend your money and invest what is left. The philosophy that makes you rich: invest your money and spend what is left.

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My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn

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