Teens of today’s generation are now becoming sexually active even at young age. This is may be due to the influence that the media is giving and the drastic change in the modern society. Having a teen in your family, it is one of the parent’s responsibilities to educate her child regarding sexual activities. But majority of the parents would say that they are afraid and confused about what they should impart to their teens regarding the topic of sex. Some of the parents are afraid not because of the latter but because talking to their teen’s this kind of issue might trigger the child to try it or increase interest in experimentation. But several studies have revealed that sex education do not encourage or heighten the interest of a teen in sexual activity. As a matter of fact, those teens that are well- informed with sex education are the ones who make better decision about sex.

One of the teen topics or issue that should not be taken too lightly is sex. The more the child does not know about it the more he/she is prone to suffer lots of consequences when it comes to sexual activity. The possible reason why a teen is blind when it comes to sex education is because some parents tend to wait for their teens to approach them and ask questions about sex instead of opening it to them willfully. On the other side, teens do not talk to their parents about this issue because they think that topics related to sex are an uncomfortable one. That is why when topic like this is brought up, teens would try to redirect the conversation to another topic.

Parents are the important character in imparting to their child things about sex education. Though sex education is present at school, it is only supplemental; most of the teaching must be coming from the parents. Parents must realize that majority of the schools with sex education only teach about the anatomy and physiology of human sexuality. Morality issues are not included in the school teaching of sexual activity that is why parents are the one adding this topic to their teens. Again, moral issues and obligation when in come to sex must taught by the parents of the child.

This education is modified if the teenager is already active. Rather than how to prevent the child from having sex, parents must be focus on opening the eyes of the child for possible consequences of his/her actions. Teenagers must understand about the implications of their sexual behavior. There are a lot of aspect that must be impart to your teen for them to protect themselves from falling to sexual hazards.

Moreover, from the time your child knows about his/her sexuality, as a parent you must be part of its development. So that later on in life, your teen will not hesitate in talking with you sexual issues and sex education.

Furthermore, we all know that discussing sex education with your child is not that easy, but as a parent it is just one our difficult responsibilities as we guide our child into right path of life.

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