Some people are so anxious to earn Muay Thai trainer certification that they forget to do sufficient research in order to ensure that they do the certification course at a properly accredited school. There are unfortunately many training schools that are offering weekend courses but although these classes are taught by Muay Thai professionals they simply do not have sufficient time to properly evaluate the skills level of students and this result in a situation where students leave these training facilities with certificates which allows them to teach others while they themselves are simply not ready for the responsibility of training others. When it comes to one of the most time honored froms of martial arts available today this kind of shoddy training will never be acceptable or tolerated by reputable Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. In fact trainers with questionable qualifications will struggle to find employment at most of the top Muay Thai training camps located in the different parts of Thailand.  

Knowledge is power  

Proper training of new Muay Thai students is only possible when you have trainers who are extremely knowledgeable in everything associated with Muay Thai. Training should only be done by professionals who have themselves received a thorough education on a wide range of Muay Thai related issues. This should be someone who has mastered all of the techniques and who are now able to pass on their knowledge to others. The prospective Muay Thai student should only enroll in a course at a Muay Thai school where it can be verified beyond a shadow of doubt that the competence levels of the trainer has been tested by respected masters of this sport. Only then will the trainers certificate have any real value and would be able to open up doors of opportunity for the newly qualified trainer.  

It’s all about credibility   You don’t take your expensive motor vehicle to a back yard mechanic but instead you take it to an accredited dealership where you are certain that only highly qualified technicians and mechanics will be doing crucial maintenance on that valuable vehicle. This same principle applies to the noble and time honored sport known as Muay Thai. The only way to keep the sport pure and to ensure that it continues to be respected globally is to ensure that the highest standards is maintained. You would rather train with a Kru with twenty years of experience than with one which has only been been involved in Muay Thai training for ten years. Fortunately, because of the long history of this sport there are many highly qualified Muay Thai trainers available not only in Thailand but also in other places around the world. This ensures that quality training can be found ensuring that crucial knowledge can be passed on to subsequent generations for many years to come. Suwit Muay Thai for global consumer is professional Muay Thai boxing course from Thailand with good trainers. The reality is that Muay Thai is alive and well today and maybe more so than at any time during its long and glorious history.