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As the only active Superintendent, School Resource Officer, and Active Shooter Prevention Trainer in the nation, Steve Webb is a true expert in his field. With years of experience and a passion for keeping children and communities safe, Webb has become a nationally known presenter on school safety issues.

Webb has been a keynote presenter for many organizations, including the International School Safety Conference, the Illinois Association of School Administrators, and the Illinois School Resource Officer Association. 

He has presented everything from full-day academies and training to conferences such as the National Education Conference in San Diego and the National School Safety Conference (NASRO) in Denver and Orlando. Webb has also conducted Active Shooter Prevention and Response training for schools nationwide.

Webb is the author of the Amazon best-selling book Education in a Violent World: A Practical Guide to Keeping Our Kids Safe. His research has been highlighted on all of the major television networks in the United States. He has presented his findings to hundreds of national conferences and seminars and at the Learners Conference in Valencia, Spain, and Melbourne, Australia. 

He has been President of the Illinois Association of School Administrators and the Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools. He is an appointed Executive Board Member for the American Association of School Administrators.

Webb’s passion for keeping children and communities safe is evident in his S.A.F.E. Violence Prevention and Response Training. He believes that practicing run, hide, fight only perpetuates the issues and that his training will change the way school boards and administrators see their role in training teachers to sense danger and understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment daily for children to reach their dreams. 

Webb’s training has also been incredibly needed for businesses and churches, and he has provided several pieces of training to help them traverse this rise in violence.

Webb is a personal and common-sense advocate for school safety, with 4 children and 2 grandchildren (and a 3rd on the way) of his own. He understands the importance of keeping loved ones safe, and he is willing and able to change the mindset of the masses to save lives. His passion and drive for school safety are contagious, and he can inspire others to take action in their communities.

Webb’s latest project is the development of an app called StaySAFE. The app further enhances its position to help keep people safe daily, and it is still in development. Webb believes that technology can be a powerful tool in the fight against school violence, and he is excited to see the impact that StaySAFE will have on communities nationwide.

With years of experience and passion for school safety, he has become a nationally known presenter. Webb’s S.A.F.E. Violence Prevention and Response Training is changing how school boards and administrators view their role in training teachers to sense danger and provide children with a safe and secure environment. 

He is also developing the StaySAFE app, which will further enhance his ability to keep people safe daily. With Webb’s common-sense approach and personal drive to make a difference, he will inspire others to act in their communities and help create a safer world for all.

In a world where school shootings and violence continue to be an all-too-common occurrence, Steve Webb’s unique role as a superintendent, school resource officer, and active shooter prevention trainer is nothing short of remarkable. With his passion, drive, common-sense approach, and commitment to keeping people safe, Steve is making a difference in the lives of countless individuals across the country.

His innovative and groundbreaking SAFE Violence Prevention and Response Training provides teachers, school administrators, and businesses with the tools to recognize danger and respond effectively to violent situations. And his upcoming StaySAFE app promises to take these efforts to a whole new level.

But most of all, Steve’s approach to education and safety sets him apart. As a father and grandfather, he understands the importance of keeping our children safe and creating a culture of safety that permeates all aspects of our society.

Steve’s tireless work and dedication to the cause of school safety have not gone unnoticed. Numerous organizations have recognized him for his contributions, and has become a sought-after speaker at national conferences and events. But what is most appreciated by those who have worked with Steve is his willingness to listen, learn, and adapt to the needs of his audience.

In an age where violence and fear dominate the news cycle, Steve Webb’s message of hope, empowerment, and safety is more important than ever. By continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible and creating innovative solutions to the challenges we face, he is truly making the world a better place for all of us.

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