The Big Bang Theory – Evidence of the Start of Cosmos and Human Evolution

What is The Big Bang Theory! What do we mean when we talk of The Big Bang Theory? In Concept The Big Bang Theory would mean something related to the start of the Cosmos… the beginning of the Evolution itself.

The Big Bang Theory came to be accepted by scientists only about three decades ago as an irrefutable fact of Creationism. Does it mean that it is only The big bang Theory which gave birth to the existing Cosmos? Yes! The Concept “The Big Bang Theory” explains to us how the Cosmos was created in the first stage.

The concept… The Big Bang Theory can be best understood by the spiritualists of the highest order. It is not merely a Concept or a Theory (The Big Bang Theory) which can be easily understood by the use of the senses alone (as the senses have their own limitations in the physical manifested world).

The Big Bang Theory has its origination in a domain which is much beyond the comprehension of the senses and the mind. It is for the Enlightened beings to be able to understand in absolute order the concept of The Big Bang Theory.

Before we elaborate further… we need to dive deep into the realms of Spirituality. Starting from the basics we need to understand that The big bang Theory is deeply related to God the Almighty. For the atheist it may be almost impossible to correctly interpret and understand The Concept of The Big Bang Theory. Why?

Why does The big bang occur at all… in the realms of Spirituality the only existence which has any base in the whole of Cosmos is God the Almighty, the Creator himself. Nothing beyond the existence of God the Almighty exists. Whatever exists from the point of view of the senses is ephemeral in nature. Nothing has any permanent significance in the realms of Spirituality. Truthfully speaking it is God and only God which exists and manifests in the whole of Cosmos.

Why so? Understanding the Concept of the basic building block of the whole Cosmos… the Concept and Theory of atoms and molecules… we shall realize that the whole Cosmos is only built up of clusters of atoms and molecules. The total structure of the Cosmos is just a gaseous formation… in which only clusters of atoms and molecules exist. There is nothing solid in the whole of Cosmos.

It is only when perceived from the point of view of the senses and the mind that the solidification of the gaseous formation seems to exist. And beyond the realms of the senses and the mind exists… the World of God, the Almighty! Does it mean that God the Almighty is a cluster of atoms and molecules? In a way yes! Let me explain further…

Assuming that only God the Almighty exists in the whole of Cosmos… then as explained in the Bhagavad Gita… the most sacred document existing on Mother Earth… the size of God in its primordial state before The Big Bang occurs in Theory is of the size of half a thumb. And what is this half the size of a thumb we call as God the Almighty?

The definition of God the Almighty as given in the Bhagavad Gita is the sum total of all purified Souls (Atmans) existing in the whole of Cosmos at a given point of time and these purified Souls combine together to form the size of half a thumb. Imagine the vast cluster of energy this small size of God the Almighty may withhold! And unable to sustain this massive energy for long… this half the size of a thumb what we call as God the Almighty explodes. And it explodes with a Big Bang giving birth to The Big Bang Theory!

This Big Bang… the explosion which is defined by scientists as The Big Bang Theory results in the creation of the Cosmos… a Cosmos consisting of many universes and each universe consisting of many galaxies and Milky Ways… and one galaxy consisting of billions of stars and solar systems… and one star like the sun having a few planets revolving around it. And out of the many planets… Our planet Mother Earth… the moment it has conducive environment worthy of living… the Souls manifest one after another and starts the journey of life on Mother Earth!

The Big Bang Theory… the Concept in itself is irrefutable and undeniable for the basic reason that no other Theory or Concept holds good. The Enlightened masters like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed knew of this irrefutable Concept and Theory (The Big Bang Theory) the moment they became enlightened. For an Enlightened Soul to be able to understand the Concept of Spirituality from the beginning to the end of Cosmos becomes a reality.

The BigBang Theory has its roots in the Concept that the entire purified Souls combine together to form something we know as God the Almighty. And this God the Almighty unable to contain itself for long because of the inherent massive energy within explodes with a Big Boom and this results in the start of a new Cosmos… a new journey!

Proceeding further we need to understand that these purified Souls (Atmans) which have now scattered all over the Cosmos start gaining impurities on their cosmic journey. And it is only after the dross within is removed from the Souls that they shall become free forever from manifesting further bodies.

As the whole Cosmos cools down gradually… the system gives birth to many planets and out of these planets some of them become conducive for beginning of life with passage of time. And what is this life we are talking of? Are we talking of the insect life, the plant life, the animal life or the world of human beings themselves?

Every Soul (Atman) like the metal embedded in any metal ore cannot separate itself from the impurities contained therein. And to cleanse itself of the impurities… every Soul (Atman) requires a body. And thus starts the cosmic journey of a Soul (an Atman)!

The journey of this Soul (Atman) starts as an amoeba (single cell formation)… The first manifestation in the cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations… ending with the form of a human being (the last stage in the series of various manifestations) finally to gain Salvation and come back to its original pristine form. The moment cosmic journey of all Jiva (life forms) end with the Dissolution of the Cosmos… starts a new Cosmos confirming The BigBang Theory.

The journey from first manifestation to the 8.4 millionth manifestation explains the Concept of Evolution as detailed by Charles Darwin. A long cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations and a total period of 96.4 million earthly years is necessitated before the Soul can come back to its original pristine form and it is in the last stages as a human being that the Soul shall gain Salvation… liberation from the cycle of various manifestations for ever and finally become free until the start of a new Cosmos with a new Big Boom (The Big Bang Theory).

We need to understand here that once having come back to its original pristine pure form… this purified Soul remains in its purified state until the collapse of the Cosmos occurs. It is at the time of the collapse (Dissolution) of the Cosmos (Pralaya as we call it in Hinduism) that all purified Souls combine together again resulting in The Big Bang (confirming again the existence of The BigBang Theory).

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