Many loving and caring people within the Christian church devote their lives in the struggle to develop scientific medical knowledge for the benefit of the human condition. However, most Christians are unaware that President Thomas Jefferson, wrote that Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher of the 3rd Century BC atomic ‘Science of Universal Love’, taught at the Ho Kepos University in ancient Athens. That science was about the invisible world of atoms, in which sacred geometry held an evolving ethical purpose, within an infinite spiritual reality. The teachers of that science were called saviours, dedicated to the ideal of evolving spiritual virtues, in particular the emotion of compassion. From that perspective, the term, to have faith and all will be revealed, was about formulating spiritual (now holographical) equations and solving for an unknown, a value in algebra which is referred to as X.

Whether Jefferson was correct or not, is immaterial. From that particular scientific point of view, the ancient ‘Science of Universal Love’ can be considered to be a Christian legacy, linking mathematics to a science of infinite ethical purpose, in praise of a Creator God-like force belonging to gravity.

The Roman Christian Church in 1600 burnt alive the scientist Giodano Bruno for teaching the ‘Science of universal Love’ in England, however, that science has been found to be compatible with 21st Century quantum biology. The workings of the molecule of emotion evolves compassion by employing an infinite fractal logic to generate its development within the workings of an evolving brain/mind. Because of the Church’s past fear and hatred of that science, infinite fractal logic is forbidden to be part of the living process. As a result, quantum mechanics in the 20th Century, sentenced all life to extinction under the law governing universal entropic logic. In ancient Greece this action of the Church would have been seen as worshipping the god of (entropic) chaos, Diabolis, the Devil.

Quantum mechanics only obeys the universal heat death law, which forbids reasoning about the living process belonging to the discovery of infinite fractal logic. These concepts were once the domain of spiritual sacred geometry belonging to the evolution of the immortal soul. Nanotechnology, used to examine the workings of the molecule of emotion, reveals that intuitive infinite fractal logic is part of an evolutionary process. This process is toward existence within a futuristic holographic state of reality. Severe carcinogenic trauma is created by suppressing this natural function in order to uphold the existing entropic enslavement belonging to global economic rationalism, an entropic concept tolerated by the Church..

Not one mathematical medical equation is tolerated by mainstream science, if it links infinite fractal logic to any natural healthy evolutionary process. Rushkoff’s book ‘Present Shock’ announces the arrival of Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’,emanating from our enslavement to a super industrialised culture. The new book is about the mental trauma created by our being overwhelmed by entropic information, that is now rapidly destroying our civilisation.

The reader can easily find out for themselves that Sir Isaac Newton’s gravitational causes have been classified, in the name of the Christian religion, as the writings of a criminally insane mind. This is such a serious issue that the reader should spend time to check it out on the internet, then wonder why he, or she, has been taught that Newton’s world-view was about the workings of mechanical universe. By reading Newton’s 28th Query Discussions, they will learn that the very opposite is true. People have been adversely influenced by the Church for centuries. The nonsense myth about an apple falling on Newton’s head to explain gravity, is common to school children throughout the entire industrialised world, leading to what Newton called an absurd pretentious science.

Quantum biology demonstrates that it is not natural to blindly accept that humanity is destined only for extinction and that people must grovel in scientific ignorance to church dogma in order to avoid it. Humans are a carbon life form and the neg-entropic properties of carbon have been discovered this century to argue otherwise. The church has a long history of criminal activity including three hundred years of condoning the sadistic practice of torturing women and children then burning them alive as witches. This act of terrorism made any medical learning about the healing properties of plants, fungi and various animal substances a forbidden and dangerous occupation.

Currently the Australian Government is conducting a Royal Commission regarding the wide spread sexual abuse of children by the Church and the findings are catastrophic. Considering such historical evidence, now freely available, it can be considered to be a waste of time to discuss with the Christian Church about the ramification of the lost atomic ‘Science of Universal Love’. Thomas Jefferson and Sir Isaac Newton were conversant with that science, as being a more profound aspect of early Christian teaching.

As a result of the Christian Church’s contamination of science, humanity stands poised on the threshold of an atomic World War lll, with no salvation solution tolerated from within science itself. How many people can even imagine that an act of loving compassion can be measured within the realms of quantum biology? For those who do understand this, what scholarship grants are available to them to come up with the crucial scientific solutions? Harvard University’s 2002 awareness of the ethical contribution to the world of the Golden Age of Danish Science is important. That Golden Age embraced how electromagnetic forces were fused into the ancient Greek ‘Science of Universal Love’.

© Professor Robert Pope.

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