While many individuals, either are elected, selected, or ascend, to positions of leadership, merely holding some position, is far different from, doing so, in a relevant, meaningful, efficient, and effective manner! Leading, effectively, is both, and art, and a SCIENCE, and this article will focus on the latter. I have come to realize, and recognize, after, over four decades of involvement, in nearly all aspects of leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting, to thousands of actual, and/ or potential leaders, as well as having served, on multiple occasions, as a leader, for several organizations, few people seem ready, willing, and/ or able, to commit to the time, energy, and necessary commitment and attributes, needed, to become an exceptional leader. With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the essential necessities, etc.

1. System; strengthen; sustainable solutions: Getting things accomplished, effectively, generally requires someone, to put his unique stamp, on the efforts, and perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and implement, the best possible system! True leaders must consistently seek, to strengthen the groups, and stakeholders, they serve, and represent. Rather than being satisfied, with blaming and complaining, etc, one must implement, the finest possible, sustainable solutions, for the specific group!

2. Character: Why do you believe, you possess, the quality of character, a true leader needs? How might, consistently demonstrating it, not by your rhetoric and promises, but, rather, by your strategy and actions, motivate and inspire others, to come together, for the common good?

3. Integrity; imagination; ideas: One can’t effectively serve, as a leader, without absolute integrity, especially, when there might be a temptation, to follow the path, of least resistance! One must be ready, willing and able, to think, outside – the – box, and consider several options and alternatives, while possessing a quality imagination, which envisions, the best solutions, for the future! When one combines these attributes, with the judgment and wisdom, to consider, introduce, and implement, relevant ideas, he becomes significantly more efficient!

4. Empathy; emphasis: Effectively leading is never about anyone’s self – interest, and/ or personal agenda, but, rather, taking the time, to listen effectively, and learn, from every conversation and experience, in order to consistently proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! Based on this, a true leader determines, where to expend his greatest emphasis!

5. Needs: True leaders examine, consider, and do something, concrete, to address the needs, concerns and priorities, of those he serves and represents, while enhancing the group’s sustainability!

6. Creative; challenges: Pseudo – leaders, often, conceive obstacles, as problems, while true ones, consider them, as challenges, to overcome! Often, this means, proceeding, with a creative, relevant, sustainable, strategic and action plan.

7. Energy; endurance; excellence: When a leader has genuine energy, it energizes others! He is able to proceed, with the endurance, to persist, and focus on proceeding, with his utmost degree of personal excellence!

Effectively leading, requires being able, to proceed, with the necessary SCIENCE. Will you be, up to the tasks?

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