Trending in Ed Season 7 Kickoff

Mike Palmer is back to kick off the 7th season of Trending in Education with our 493rd episode! Coming off a great run that showcased many of our best episodes throughout the summer, we’re back with fresh content as Mike looks ahead at the upcoming conversations we have in store as our new season begins.

We start previewing Mike’s conversation with Sameer Maskey from Fusemachines talking about how he’s democratizing AI. From there, we talk music education and the arts with Kathryn Patricia Cobbler in an episode that features a sampling of Kathryn’s music. Then we talk Gen X and get zeitgeisty with Celine Coggins who talks about why she is founding The Legacy Years to activate collective action among the oft-forgotten generation. From Gen X to Gen Z, Mike then previews his conversation with Rebecca Mendoza about teaching Accounting and launching her career at 28. We conclude with reflections on conversations with Miriam Plotinsky about her book Teach More, Hover Less and with Anurupa Ganguly, the Founder and CEO of PrismsVR, about using VR to unlock a deeper conceptual understanding of math.

All of these conversations are on the horizon as we look forward to celebrating our 500th episode this Fall. We’re very happy to have you along for the ride.

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