What do we mean by scientific proof of the Bible? For this article we are going to look at the creation only. The creation is covered in 31 verses in the first chapter of Genesis. It is obvious we aren’t looking at detailed step by step instructions on how to create a universe, but rather the broad overview of how the universe was created.

Moses wrote Genesis 3500 years ago. He either saw in vision or was taught by tradition the creation of the universe and wrote what he learned. Since then scientists have found his description and their findings to be in complete agreement. Moses wrote 3500 years ago about events that scientists have not fully understood until just recently.

One example is the first event, the separation of light from darkness. This is an excellent description of an event astronomers refer to as the photon decoupling event. Prior to that event, say modern astronomers, the universe was opaque.

Light could not stream, helium atoms could not form. There was no material for building worlds, there was no light and darkness. After this event, light formed and streamed creating light and dark places in the universe.

Helium atoms could form and thus worlds were able to be formed. The photon decoupling event as described by astronomers matches Moses description of the separation of light from darkness.

From there, the following takes place:
-The creation of the earth itself
-The separation of the dry land from the seas
-The creation of plants in a particular order – grasses, shrubs and trees
-The placing of the heavenly bodies in relationship to the earth
-The creation of animal life in a particular order – fish, birds, land animals
-The creation of man

As scientists study the creation of the universe and life on earth, they
have found that it happened in exactly that order.

David Attenborough’s book “Life on Earth” gives a good description of the order of the creation of life on earth. His listing of the order of appearance of various types of life and the sequence given in Genesis agree. While Moses does not mention every item, those he does mention are in the correct order.

The placing of heavenly bodies is also in agreement. The moon is of particular interest. Genesis 1:17 says “God set them [the moon and the sun] in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth”.

What is interesting is the size of the moon in relationship to the earth. It is much larger in comparison to the earth than any other moon is compared to the planet it circles. Due to its size and composition, the Moon is sometimes classified as a terrestrial “planet” along with Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Scientists still have not decided exactly how the moon came to be in orbit around the earth or even how it was formed. What is interesting to us, is that the moon is so large that it could easily destroy the earth. A shorter distance away and the moon would not circle the earth. If it were any closer, it would impact the earth creating massive destruction. Our moon is unique in the Universe and is precisely placed to accomplish it’s purpose.

Science itself proves the Bible to be correct in it’s description of the creation.

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