Use of Gold From Ornaments to Scientific Experiments

Gold is one of the precious metals. It is obtained from the ground by a process called gold mining. Gold has wide range of benefits in its pure as well as impure form. No one can deny the economic importance of gold. It is used in the field of medicine and education. Many beautiful ornaments are manufactured with gold.

Gold is the best metal for making ornaments. The marvellous shine of gold attracts the manufactures to use gold in its various forms. Pure gold is brittle so it cannot be used for making jewellery. In order to use it for making ornaments, gold is often mixed with the metals like palladium. It is modified into different colours to make it more acceptable in the form of jewellery.

In ornaments, gold content is measured in carats. It is usually available as 14 carat and 18 carat. The gold jewellery is often beautified with the beads, pearls and diamonds. The gold jewellery comes in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Gold ornaments also have some financial meaning for the women. In various parts of the world, gold is transmitted as the legacy of the father to his daughter, in the form of dowry. These bullion ornaments are significantly related to the culture and traditions. In countries like China, ignot is related to fortune. Most of the people believe that buying bullion on these festivals will bring good fortune for them.

Women wear gold jewellery to enhance their personality and beauty. Bullion completes their feminine look. The women wearing bullion feel indulgent, successful and beautiful. Women prefer to buy bullion jewellery as it is an ornament as well as have a long-lasting financial value.

In addition to jewellery, ignot has much medicinal value. It is used in dentistry as a filling for the teeth. It also finds its applications in medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lagophthalmos, anergia, liver and ear diseases.

Gold is very important in the scientific experiments. It is used in various space programs due to its beneficial properties. It is a dependable connector and conductor. Being a superb reflector, it is employed as a radiation shield in the space programs. It also deflects the burning effect of the sun.

It has many engineering as well as catalytic applications. It is very important in gold foil experiments such as Ruther ford experiment. Gold is efficiently used in many electroplating elements. As it is inert metal, it can be used to protect the metals that are vulnerable to degradation due to environmental effects. Apart from protection, gold has a major role in increasing the value of cheaper metals. The cheaper metals are coated with a gold film through the process of electroplating.

Gold is corrosion free. So, it can be employed in wide range of electronic products and equipments including computers, cellular phones and home appliances. Being precious metal, gold acts as an excellent hedge against inflation. The gold coins and bullions are the excellent way of investing money. Its price remains almost stable during the world economical crises. Thus, gold can be regarded as a metal of wealth, beauty and commerce.

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