Video shows tree-faring salamander adopting skydiving pose as it falls, a talent that only just became known to science

ByAlyssa R. Elliott

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An annotated collage of stills from a video showing A.vagrans, the wandering salamander, skydiving.

Annotated video stills show the salamander assuming a skydiving-like placeChristian Brown/Insider

  • A salamander that lives mainly on the top rated of redwoods was witnessed diving off the trees when disturbed.

  • The actions puzzled scientists given that salamanders do not have certainly aerodynamic bodies.

  • Researchers have identified that by assuming a “skydiving” posture, the lizards can gradual a drop by 10%

Aneides vagrans, also named the wandering salamander, is an elusive critter. Its normal habitat is the canopy of California’s redwood trees, the world’s tallest trees, building it rough to notice.

A person detail we do know about this salamander is that when disturbed it will willingly bounce from tree branches, assuming a posture related to that taken by skydivers, as can be witnessed down below.

“It was puzzling to see these salamanders bounce so readily supplied the peak of the trees they inhabit,” claimed Christian Brown, a PhD Prospect of the College of South Florida and an writer of the research.

These salamanders are especially properly adapted to living in the redwood canopy, Brown instructed Insider in an job interview.

They have prehensile tails, lengthy limbs,  and flattened bodies that are excellent for climbing.

But their extended slim bodies do not seem especially aerodynamic. In contrast to their distant cousins the gliding leaf frog and the traveling gecko, they do not have pores and skin flaps or webbing which could possibly help them glide.

So Brown and other researchers at the University of South Florida and the College of California, Berkeley, established out to understand what the salamander could be ready to do.

In its place of dropping the salamanders from extremely high up, the scientists put them in tailor made-manufactured wind tunnels designed to simulate a fall from the tree. The outcomes of their examine was published in the peer-reviewed journal Existing Biology on Monday.


The experts identified that the salamanders had a “repertoire of postures and movements they use to handle their drop,” Brown reported.

By twisting their tails and changing the place of their toes and legs, the salamanders had been in a position to maintain their bodies pretty much parallel to the floor whilst they were slipping.

They could also “execute banking turns and glide horizontally,”  Brown explained.

Stills from the video of A. vagrans gliding show the skydiving-like position

Stills from the video clip show how A. vagrans assumes a skydiving-ike position.Christian

By adopting this skydiving-like posture, the salamander minimized its vertical velocity by up to 10%, the examine found.

Brown instructed Insider he is now learning regardless of whether these salamanders can immediate their flight to steer clear of slipping straight down to the floor.

If they can, he thinks it is much more likely that they decide on to occur back toward the trunk to grasp the lessen limbs of the tree or the dense fern mats developing on the bark.

View up the trunks of large redwood trees in a grove at Redwoods Regional Park, Oakland, California, January 17, 2022.

Redwood trees in Oakland, California in 2022.Gado/Getty Photographs

If they did slide down to the floor, that would possible not destroy them, Brown explained. These salamanders are fairly light and tend not to weigh more than six grams. So their tumble could be cushioned by the comfortable redwood duff all-around the foundation of the tree, he said.

Nevertheless, the hike again up the redwood may confirm deadly. A 2021 research found that it could choose them several hours or days to climb back again up to the canopy.

“In that time, they could dry out, be preyed upon, or simply operate out of power before obtaining food items once more,” mentioned Brown.

A picture of A. vagrans seen from the side

A. vagrans or the wandering salamander.Christian Brown

Brown claimed other animals could have surprising parachuting and gliding talents that men and women have yet to notice

He is hoping the study will attract interest to the intricate but improperly understood biodiversity of the redwood canopy.

“Experts have scarcely scratched the surface area in finding out the redwood canopy ecosystem and the one of a kind fauna it has formed by way of evolutionary time,” he said per the press launch.

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