Pros and Cons of Using a Drag and Drop Website Builder

A Website Builder is an incredible tool that enables you to create your website with just a few clicks, even without coding knowledge. And, with almost every new business going online these days, website building platforms are proving to be boons for entrepreneurs.

Using the best Website Builder in India, you can access various pre-designed templates that serve as a foundation for your website. Using these templates is the easiest way of creating hosting sites, and this is probably the most cost-efficient way as well.

With all that said, website building tools are not flawless; even the best website builders in India have some cons.

So, let us analyse these pros and cons of using a Website Builder online to be able to make an informed decision about building your website.

What is a Website Builder?

A Website Builder is a software or online platform that enables individuals or businesses to create a website without needing advanced technical skills or coding knowledge. It provides a user-friendly interface and a range of customisable templates and features, allowing users to design and build their websites easily.

A simple Website Builder utilises a drag-and-drop functionality, where users can select elements, such as text, images, videos, and forms, and place them on their web pages.

Pros of a Website Builder at a Glance

Cost-Effective SolutionWebsite Builders provide a cost-effective option for small businesses, eliminating the need to hire a web designer and allowing flexibility for future changes.
Time-Saving ToolCreate professional websites within minutes, easily customise the content and save time managing your website.
Ready-to-Use TemplatesChoose from thousands of pre-designed templates that suit your business needs, even without web design skills.
No Coding RequiredEasily create websites within minutes using drag-and-drop builders, making it accessible to anyone with basic computer skills.
All-in-One PackageMany Website Builders offer domain and hosting services, providing a complete solution for your website needs.
Support and CommunityAccess freelance experts or integrated support systems for assistance with setup, customisation, and other tasks, enhancing transparency and speed in managing your business.

Cons of a Website Builder at a Glance

Limited CustomisationWhile Website Builders offer ease and speed, they lack customisation.
Limited Growth OptionsWebsite Builders may have limitations when it comes to expanding your business, leading to the need for migration to other platforms.
Short-Term SolutionWebsite Builders may not be suitable for all types of websites, and reliance on renewal payments creates a liability to keep your business running on the platform.
Lack of Customisation OptionsThe lack of customisation options in Website Builders can result in inadequate and unprofessional layouts for businesses aiming for a higher standard.
Slow Loading TimeWebsites built using free Website Builders tend to load slower than websites built on paid platforms, impacting the user experience and potentially leading to higher bounce rates.
Limited Pages and FeaturesFree Website Builder accounts typically restrict the number of pages that can be created, limiting the amount of content and keywords that can be included.


Website Building platforms are ideal for individuals, small businesses, bloggers, and anyone seeking to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently. These tools offer pre-designed templates and themes, simplifying the website design process.

But note that most businesses using a particular website building tool will have access to its templates. So, choose a paid plan at the very list, to get access to exclusive themes and designs.

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