What is the Difference Between Science Fiction and Futurism?

Many futurists write science fiction and many science fiction writers are futurists. Have you ever wondered why that is? It does stand to reason that someone that has an interest in the future, and where technology is leading us, would also enjoy writing science fiction. It also makes sense that some who does a good bit of writing in the Sci Fi Genre would need to have some thoughts on where we are headed as a species and what scenarios we will encounter in the future.

The difference between Sci Fi and Futurism is fairly straight forward in definition, so let me give you my take on it, seeing as I do a bit of writing in both areas. Futurism is predicting the future without the use of characters and a storyline. Science Fiction is a literary art, where a story is told and characters are involved. You see, some things you cannot say in real life, as it is not politically correct, but you can tell of it in a storyline.

This gives the author a lot of leeway. Interestingly enough many things that have been written in Science Fiction novels are now common place; electric submarines from Jules Verne and Satellite Communication by Arthur C. Clarke for instance.

One thing I have found is that if you come up with a potential eventuality far off into the future, no one has any reference to understand what you are talking about and might think it’s too far-fetched if they did. In this case you lose credibility. However, if you wrap the idea into a story, then it all seems believable and it should get people thinking.

Additionally, a well-known Sci Fi writer will have an avenue and a loyal readership to get their ideas and concepts out to the masses. I hope this article helps you see the difference between the two and how they can work together for the benefit of all. Think on this.

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