What to Look For in Chinese Management Studies

Business studies are gaining popularity in China as the country is becoming more and more involved with the world economy. This changes have come with China’s conversion as the next economic superpower of Asia as well as that of the world.

The young Chinese generation have awaken in an open economy and hence, their interests in learning the managerial policies have also increased. They have felt the need of leadership development program to take advantage of the changing environment. Not only the domestic students, many foreign students are seeking admission in the top Chinese business schools.

The Chinese management program offers an unique combination of modern managerial studies along with the traditional Chinese philosophy. They are also finding applications of the old teachings of the great Chinese philosophers in the modern situations. Sun Tzu the Art of War for managers constituting a great part in Chinese management studies.

The crux of the Chinese management studies is to provide the students with insight of Chinese process of managing businesses.

The course targets at:

• Imparting the knowledge of Chinese values and practices to students

• Overview of Chinese and global economy

• Teaching of leadership strategies and business strategies

• Knowledge of business ethics and business culture

• Marketing in Chinese economy and many more

Blending old Chinese wisdom with modern theories

Students in Chinese business schools are taught the principals of the great leaders and philosophers of the past, such- Sun Tzu and Confucius.

Sun Tzu Art of War: The Chinese management programs focus on involving the learning of Sun Tzu ‘Art of War’ in the study of the Art of War for managers.

The validity of the strategies described in the book of ‘Art of War’ in the modern days’ corporate environment is recognized even by the western world. Though the book was written by Sun Tzu 2500 years ago on how to win wars, the policies of his book has been widely in use now in formulating business strategies and strategic thinking.

Confucius: The philosophical teaching of Confucius still is the foundation stone of Chinese family values. His teaching has also guided the business ethics for Chinese family businesses. Confucianism is now being taught in the leadership development program in Chinese management schools to promote business ethics and morals amongst the modern day entrepreneurs.

Empiricism: The theory of empiricism puts emphasis on the knowledge that is gathered through experience.

The theory of empiricism can find wide use in the service of leadership consulting.

Leadership consulting is used in analyzing and evaluating corporate policies and improving the leadership qualities both in the managers and employees. It can also help in improving situational leadership qualities amongst the workers.

What to look for in Chinese Management

The management courses in China is gradually becoming popular even amongst the foreign students. The main reason being the blend of modern management theories with traditional Chinese wisdom. Hence, students should look for institutes that gives emphasis on traditional Chinese theories of leadership strategies.

As China would be embracing the world economy more, the old Chinese teachings would find more appeal and application in the modern business world.

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