Yeast Infection Home Remedy and Mainstream Medicine

There still seems to be confusion between clinical medicine and alternative medicine advocating a yeast infection home remedy. Clinical medicine practitioners claim that alternative medicine practitioners do not not use the term candida correctly, meaning a yeast infection in the gut. But this is not the case at all.

Candida Yeast Infections

Alternative medicine agrees entirely that candida is a problem of the gut and that a vaginal yeast infection is another term and may not be directly related to candida. However, the apparent sloppiness in the use of the term is only because that is what happens in everyday parlance. Promoters of a home remedy may just be a little less pedantic than clinicians and perhaps just a little more interested in the patient.

Yeast Infection Home Remedy in Practice

It is not a major concern whether or not a vaginal yeast infection originates in the gut and is passed via the bloodstream to the vagina. The home remedy would be pretty much the same whatever the real cause, or etiology. It has no side effects, unlike pharmaceuticals, and fights the yeast infection by building up good bacteria.

Herbal Treatments

Phillipa Jones is a clinician, not an alternative therapy advocate. In the Medical Science Friendly Society Journal Feb. 2009 (IV. 14) she wrote: “Let us clear up the medical problems associated with candida, and not the terminology used. Such petty debates are futile. We mainstream practitioners have been relying too much on the antibiotic panacea for too long. The harmful side effects of over use of antibiotics is becoming clearer year by year, almost month by month. Plus their potency decreases each time we apply them to a new user group. No-one should be put off trying a home remedy for yeast infection. It certainly will not harm them. In fact, all those I have personally tested on volunteers have been extremely effective in their curative properties.”

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