Let’s start immediately with some of the top meme tokens by importance, which we have collected among those with the largest capitalization and with a future as bullish as possible, or in any case interesting – selected by our editorial staff and to be evaluated for inclusion in investment portfolios.


Dogecoin was the forefather of the token meme niche. It was born almost 9 years ago – it has developed its own blockchain and continues to be an independent project, with few developers but with a huge community behind it. It was from  Dogecoin that many took inspiration, among the next token memes that we will analyze in the course of this guide.

Dogecoin has its own blockchain with  PoW validation – which brings this protocol closer to Bitcoin. There is a lack of advanced features and for years it had a decidedly low market value. It has been in recent times that the token has taken on a  different relevance  – coming to be in the top 10 by capitalization. 

Elon Musk’s interest in time has contributed to making the project very attractive – even if not a few have doubts about its future. For those who love token memes, this remains the absolute benchmark. Dogecoin is also available on eToro, which has included it in its top cryptocurrency parterre.

Shiba Inu Coin

We were the first in Italy to talk about Shiba Inu Coin, a project born along the lines of Dogecoin – in revolt against the latest alleged manipulations by  Elon Musk. A project developed on the  Ethereum network and which in a  few months managed to build a very active community – ready to sponsor the project and invest in it.

Shiba today has a very high market value – and while it awaits the arrival of novelties like  ShibaSwap, it continues to maintain an enviable capitalization. This is a sign of a project that is still strong, despite the fact that, like all or almost all meme tokens, it has not failed to attract some criticism.

Transparency or not – SHIB has given very important satisfaction to those who entered the market early. And today, at least according to supporters, he is preparing for an incredible new climb. An important sign of what we say is also the listing on a platform that hardly accepts new projects that do not have a solid project and an equally important community behind them.


Safe moon is another of the community-driven projects, that is, it was born to create around itself a  community able to compact itself and maybe even push the price. The token in question also owes much of its popularity to  Reddit, where it is often used as a bargaining chip. The token is already in its full stabilization phase, after an exponential growth – and consequent correction – a few days after its arrival on the main markets.

The token also helped create the framework that most token memes use today. That is a distribution to holders of part of the commissions recovered from transactions,  burn and creation of liquidity pools in a dynamic way, with consequent protection from so-called whales.

The arrival of an NFT market based on Safemoon, integrated with charity and education projects, has long been anticipated. If the timeline were to be respected we could expect from Safemoon a big leap forward. The fixed annuity system is interesting   – which should make the ecosystem less attackable by those who bet large sums in LP and then disappear later.


MonaCoin’s path is actually quite dating back in time as well. We are talking about a project born in  2013 born from a  very famous cat meme in Japan and made popular by the 2chan online community. Over the years it has been at the centre of many events, such as purchases of real estate and also acceptance at various points of sale in the land of the Rising Sun.

A project that closely resembles what we have already seen with  Dogecoin  – since it uses its own blockchain structure. It is also one of the few tokens to have been approved by  the FSA  – the Japanese CONSOB. The enormous love for Japanese culture also in the West has contributed greatly to the spread of this project.

Another peculiarity? The founder is as mysterious as  Satoshi Nakamoto and has never revealed his identity. For those looking for a  meme token that is also relatively stable in terms of market prices, it is MonaCoin that they should look at.

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Hoge Finance

A very special meme token, launched in 2021 and based on Ethereum’s ERC 20 standard. Each transaction on the network is taxed at 2%, with half being redistributed to holders who have HOGE outside the exchanges, while the other half is irretrievably destroyed.

The system adopted is that of automatic staking, which allows everyone to receive rewards without… doing anything. Hoge starts from  Doge but wants to make him deflationary and free from the thrusts of the big whales. Hoge is also one of the few cryptocurrencies in the sector to have received certification from CertiK, a reference body for verifying the validity of protocols.

Here too, the symbol is a dog. Which once again recalls Dogecoin. And it is today one of the most interesting in terms of capitalization.