A career in education is what many people are pursuing these days. The number of educational institutes seems to be growing manifolds with every passing day. One can also claim it to be the commercialization of education. There are numerous job opportunities in the field of education now a day and it is no more just about the teachers.

An education career today might range from a councillor who will inform a new comer as to why he/she should join their institute to a back office help. Here are the top 10 job opportunities in education today.

1) Educational Councillors: Almost every educational institute has a few dozen councillors whose target is to convince parents to let trust their wards with particular schools. The job is simple. One has to clearly make a parent understand all the facilities offered by the school, their academic performance in the past and present, future plans, etc. You might consider getting into this job if you have excellent communication skills.

2) Foreign language teachers: Globalisation has made the trend of learning foreign languages more popular than it once used to be. Languages like French, Spanish, and German are seeing renewed interest. Almost every school now days have a department of foreign languages.

3) Elementary school teachers: There is a huge demand of teachers for elementary education career. This career does not require a teacher to be a scholar rather just good with handling small children in a friendly atmosphere.

4) English Teachers: If you do not know the language English in today’s world you really lack a very important knowledge. It is now the common point of interaction between the many countries worldwide. Being an English teacher can be a very profitable career option thus.

5) Science Teachers: Science has been an all time favourite of many and this leaves no stone unturned in making it a favourite subject of study worldwide. You can easily think of a higher education career as a science teacher.

6) Maths Teachers: The subject of maths is one of the most interesting amongst subjects. Be it elementary education or that of the college level maths is essential at every stage of education. There is never a deficiency in the requirement of maths teachers thus.

7) Commerce Teachers: The world is becoming a capitalist place and students are showing much interest in the study of economics and commerce. One can thus find a good career option in being a commerce teacher.

8) Principals: A principal indeed is the heart and soul of a school. A principal’s position is not only that of high respect but also one that educes huge responsibilities upon him/her. Being a principal is indeed an honour of the highest degree.

9) Assistant Principal: An assistant principal is the second in command of a school. His/her duties are similar to that of a principal and hence even this career option is very sought for.

10) Administrative jobs: There are numerous educational career choices today some of which include back office work as administrative officers. This too is a very efficient career option.

You will also find several other online education careers which might interest you. Just remember determination is the key.

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