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Jeffco school district planning multiple elementary school closures

The Jefferson County university district is preparing to make tips this fall to shut various elementary faculties, kicking off its extended-expression strategy to downsize its variety of educational institutions.

Jeffco district leaders say 49, or 58% of district elementary faculties, at the moment have less than 250 learners, and/or use considerably less than 60% developing capability. Six elementary faculties, in 6 different places of the district, have fewer than 200 students, and also use a lot less than 60% of their building’s capacity.

“While we have a big problem in this district, there are a few colleges that are truly dealing with dire situations with how little they are heading into subsequent university yr and we must confront individuals,” claimed Lisa Relou, Jeffco’s chief of approach and communications, who is overseeing the plan’s development.